The Jabotinsky Order of Israel ( '' ' ) was founded in 1955 to perpetuate the legacy of Zeev Jabotinsky, one of the greatest leaders of the Jewish People in the 20th century. Described by some as the Jewish Garibaldi or the Jewish Churchill, he was in the words of the famous writer Arthur Koestler, one of the great figures of the centuryadored hero of the Jewish masses in Russia and Poland. Zeev Jabotinsky was a brilliant journalist, novelist, poet, soldier, linguist and the outstanding orator of his day, holding his audiences rapt in seven languages. Most of all, however, he was a great political leader with rare prophetic vision. His political philosophy was based on the ideas of western liberalism and democracy and his vision for the Jewish State to come was based on the concepts of equality and justice rooted in Jewish law and tradition. Jabotinsky was the first, among western thinkers, to promote the concepts of the Welfare State as a viable solution to the problems of economic inequality.

To propagate the ideas and thoughts of Zeev Jabotinsky and to show their relevance to contemporary problems of modern Israel, the Jabotinsky Order has embarked on a extensive program of activities which include:

Publication of the Quarterly Journal Ha- Umma(The Nation) one of the leading journals in Israel devoted to contemporary political, social and economic problems.

Publication of books and articles devoted to the philosophy and ideas of Zeev Jabotinsky, particularly in areas relevant to Israels problems today.

Publication of Jabotinskys prose and poetry to inculcate a deeper knowledge of Jewish culture and traditions.

Award of the Jabotinsky Prize for Literature every two years and of the
Jabotinsky Order Life Achievement Award, awarded annually to an
outstanding personality in public, academic or professional life.

Lectures and Seminars in schools and Universities to ensure that the younger generation will become acquainted with the heritage of a great Jewish leader.

Lectures and discussions open to the general public to ensure continuous
debate of critical issues facing the country and the nation.

Activities among new immigrants to assist in their absorption process.

The above activities are carried out through branches in different parts of the country, coordinated by a National Executive, headed by Professor T. Balberyszski. All members of the Jabotinsky Order regard it as an honour and privilege to be part of the organization and are performing their duties entirely on a voluntary basis. The various activities are financed by membership fees and contributions from friends and supporters who identify with the enormously important task to be undertaken.

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